Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY little lady pillows

Several years ago (my how time fly's!) I created a little range of cushions, 3 of which where shaped,
(see group shot above, I'm not so sure about the strange little monster!)
recently, a lovely lady contacted me asking about them , it gave me the push to recreate them as I had been planning to do for some time, here they are! now all we have to do is wait for the actual panels, as soon as they arrive, i'll let you know!
if they prove popular, I'll add birds and animals and cats and dogs.......
oh yes, have a


Nadia MICHOT said...

Vraiment magnifique !!!

Delfie said...

Ça va plaire, c'est sûr !
Happy Easter !

larryjaybee said...

the little monster is brilliant !!! little boys would love them to play with!!! x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Love them! Hope you have a lovely Easter Ellen! xx

alice apple said...

stunning! Happy Easter Ellen x