Monday, March 25, 2013

3 little dickey birds paper craft LUCK DRAW

It may be Autumn (fall) here in new Zealand but I am still feeling very summery!
In fact these photos look more like spring time!
My little blue bird ( that I created recently) seemed a bit lonely flying about on it's own so I have created a couple of friends for him, I have also now made them printable so you can print and make a whole flock if you wish!
All you need is a craft knife (scissors), a ruler, a piece of cotton thread and craft glue (or sticky tape)
You can purchase the PDF files on Etsy!
simply leave me a comment telling me where you would hang your little birds and the lucky winner will be sent the files as a gift!
I will make the draw next Monday


Delfie said...

So sweet ! I like it !
These birds on my tree in my garden !
or on the branch of my tree of paques !
Un grand bonjour de France !

larryjaybee said...

hello, i would love to hang them in my little boys room he is 1 and moving into boyhood fast ! we are currently un-babyfying his room a little bit and filling it with new pictures and posters to feed his curiosity, maybe the birds could help him learn to say "birdies" ?.....

Unknown said...

I would hang them in my sun room window to encourage Spring to arrive here in chilly Chicago!

p.s. I am so inspired by your work. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen--

I have a stairwell that they would look fabulous in!

We need some spring here in Minneapolis as well.

Love them!

Carol S.

sally said...

I would hang the birds in my girls room. The younger daughter has been watching birds lately.

Tracey said...

Love these, may need to keep them to myself and hang it in my tiny workspace!

Moira Millman said...

gorgeous! i'd hang them in my little boy's room with his flensted mobile, he loves birds, fingers crossed:)

Jane Massey said...

I too would hang them in my studio. They would be a great distraction for me.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those beautiful birds would look wonderful hanging in my sewing room!