Thursday, March 3, 2016

ELLEN G shop now open!

After many, many hours of hard work, here it is at last, my very own shop here in New Zealand.
It's been a dream for a very long time!
I am excited, daunted, tired and energised all at the same time!


Carmen said...

Best of luck to you Ellen. The shop looks great.

Unknown said...

thanks so much Carmen!xxx :)

Teje said...

Congratulations Ellen! I wish I could stay days in your new, beautiful shop! I love your work and my dream is to make quilts inspired by your art. Sunny wishes from Finnish woman living in Greece! x Teje

Claire@homesweethome2015 said...

Looks great, well done! Shame I can't visit as I'm now back in the UK 😩

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!xxx

Carolyn said...

What beautiful and fun work. Just happened to find this site while browsing; loved every thing I saw! Wishing you continued good luck and much success.

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