Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

this mosaic has taken nancy and i 2 weeks (with a bit of help from students at muritai  school) it will be installed outside in their newy landscaped entrance. the baskets are traditional maori. i'll show the finished result soon!
this is a page out of a soon to be completed new catalogue for the image vault~
a company based in Christchurch in New Zealand. It feature 8 of these abstracts and 9 figurative pieces.
they are printed on their signature "art cubes" hand lacquered wooden boxes that can sit or be hung up. they look lovely and vibrant with glossy black sides. If you are interested in whole sale prices etc i am sure they would love to hear from you.
thank you so much print and pattern for letting everyone know about my blog!
i have more pics but cant seem to upload at the moment, ill try again later

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some more pattern ideas
these are products that i have made to wholesale to retail outlets. my art work has now taken over so these are happy reminders of my sewing days!
some of these are available as cards through lagom
these pieces of art work and more are available to purchase at the solander gallery
here are 4  pieces of art work that are for sale. they are 50x68cm unframed. again i have created them by a cutting paper.
here are a few pattern ideas i have been playing around with.
these pieces are for the boxbird gallery exhibition called "from AtoB"
these are a series of pieces i have recently sent to alice at boxbird gallery. they are for framing. each piece is created by assembling hand painted
i am very excited to bring you my first blog post. these designs have been created for an australian company "lantern studios. it features several ranges made up of stationery, bags, and kitchen products. retailers can now order on their website.
if you would like any of these items, you can order them on line at

great news, i've just found out that it will soon be available throughout new zealand and australia at all whitcoulls and borders retail outlets!