Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Intoducing my dear friend and wonderful artist"Annie Hayward"

I am thrilled and delighted to introduce you to my very dear friend Annie!
As a true artist, she finds computers little overwhelming (I don't blame her!)! We therefore sat down together a couple of days ago and I helped her to start up her very own blog, I told her it was about time! the world needs to know about you!
She is such fun, we walk together along the beach every Friday, laugh ourselves silly, tell each other our problems and discuss art and anything else that we feel passionate about. Her beautiful, whimsical art style is a pure delight, her large modern abstracts beautiful in their simplicity, I hope that through this you will get to know and admire her as much as I do!
Written by Annie:
These photos show my business and passion. I am a working artist living in Eastbourne a tiny little village which shares the harbour with New Zealand's capital city Wellington. We have a small main shopping street with the usual Butchers, fruit shop, dairy, deli,cafe, library and me...and me is called Annie's Art and Treasures. basically the space is where I have a studio in the back and out front is my where my artwork is displayed along side a mixture of new and old wares. I think my life is pretty ideal..I walk to work with Ruby,my trusty little dog and open the shoppe by 11am and juggle getting artwork done and playing retailer until 5pm then its back home again. As I said this shoppe is my passion...and I call it a shoppe (pronounced Sssh HOPE) because I strive to make the experience of being in my space inspirational, hopeful and basically to give people the warm fuzzies..well I'd like to think I do...Oh and lots of humour..nothing like making people smile and laugh!

Right now being the end of winter (hoorah) I am having a yellow dot sale, with 15%plus off most stuff. I have loads of fresh flowers always on display and with Spring just around the corner yellow daffodils are my favourite. Sunshine even on a gloomy grey day. I live for colour in my life..the shoppe is bright and bursting like a rainbow,but I also enjoy and need quiet and  calming colours. The abstract on show I painted to reflect the subdued winter palette that surrounds us living on the harbours edge. It's entitled 'All is calm' Life can be so hectic I am hoping this artwork will be bought by someone who really needs to feed off its gentle demeanor and hang it in a nice quiet spot like the bedroom or quiet den.

you've probably noticed I have two distinct styles or genres. My whimsical figurative artwork is what most people know me for...but like a lot of artists we seek new ideas all the time, I guess that's called 'creating' hence I love painting abstract work dealing with colour and emotion.I love assemblage,box art and photography. If you follow my blog I will take you on my journey being an artist. Showing you what inspires me, what I'm creating at the time and the daily happenings of my funny little shoppe...see you soon.

To visit Annie's new blog click here!

her web site


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's lovely to meet your friend, Annie. Her artwork is so beautiful .

Tracey said...

off for a peep x