Friday, July 5, 2013

My town and My Zoo press out and play books!

Creating these 2 titles "My Town and My Zoo" for the fabulous publishers
TEMPLAR PUBLISHING are without a doubt one of the greatest highlights in my design career.
Not only are they lovely to work for, they trust me enough to let me take the lead. As you probably know by now, my passion is paper, in particular paper folding. These books have given me the opportunity to go wild. Sure, they where alot of work! (I illustrated all sides of the buildings and people etc) but what a blast! I would have loved these when I was a little girl, correct that, I have enjoyed arranging them so much, I think these will apeal to us grown ups too!These plus my fun board books titled "counting" and "first words" are available now to buy on Amazon!


louise said...

ellen, hi! lou here. i absolutely love the press out models - they are totally amazing - congratulations!!!

thinking of everyone i know in wellington. it must have been so frightening.


Weaveron Textile said...

I like this type of printing...