Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY little houses pillows

I have had quite a few people asking about cushions lately, I must admit, I am a bit of a cushion collecter, it's amazing what a difference a few bright and cheery pillows can make to a boring old couch or bed, I have had this niffty idea of a cute little row of houses, I have broken with the norm and made them taller than wider, I just have a few tweeks to make and I will be able to offer them as super easy to sew kits,
any further suggestions while I'm on a roll?!
thanks "stonefruit season" for your question about the backs of the cushions, I would like to send 2 panels of the same house (in the design of your choice), you will be able to use these to make 1 cushion or you could use your own fabric of choice for the backs and therefore have 2! 

A lovely lady suggested I make fabric bunting/flags, what a great idea, thanks! watch this space!

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Unknown said...

They are very cute Ellen! What colour backs will they have, or will they be two-sided?