Monday, April 15, 2013

paper lamp shade mark 2

Sometimes I have to conceed that appearance isn't everything.
whilest the lamp I made last week may have looked stylish it had one cruciall draw back, my kids where having problems seeing their dinner! it simply spread too little light. I have therefore recreated it with a few important alterations, it's slightly wider, it's made of heavy paper not card board and it is predominantly white.
Ah success, now they no longer have the excuse that they can't see their vegies!


Unknown said...

I love them both Ellen! And how lucky you haven't had to sacrifice style for practicality - you've now got this second version which is wonderful too. Hopefully there's no more scurvy now that the vegetables can be located!

Anonymous said...

Yes, form and function equally important! I like both, do like the white under shade tho. Helen