Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank you for a wonderful year!

To all my lovely followers and viewers!
I thank you so much for all your support this year from the bottom of my heart!
I also wish you all the very best happiness and health in 2013
Send me a comment on what your biggest hope is for 2013 and I will choose 2 comments to send a print or kit to of their choice  !
till approximately the 8th of January!
xx Ellen!


Meredith said...
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Meredith said...

My biggest hope is for a smooth transition for my family as we immigrate to NZ in a couple of months. Here's hoping that residency visa comes through soon!

Sewmancer said...

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas festivities. Happy new year! My biggest hope for next year is a less stressful year. 2012 was tumultuous.

Anna Bartlett said...

I started full time work this year, so my hope is to feel that I'm still spending enough time with my four kids. We'll be doing more crafty and arty things together (the younger ones will turn 4 and 6 this year) and I honestly can't wait! Thanks for inspiring me in 2012! I have one of your tote bags and I always love using it.

Anonymous said...

My biggest hope this year is to view the simple things in life with fresh eyes - the colours of nature, the texture of fabrics, the peace of reading a book quietly on the couch with a coffee in hand, the joy of hearing my kids laugh, the smell of home baking. All sounds very reality I know that there are many weeds in my garden, burnt baking (or no baking) on my bench, invasions of TV and internet on my time, and my kids arguing in the room next door! But I will try and focus on the good and less on the negative.
Thanks for your beautiful and colourful artwork that brightens my day Ellen.

Deb Wall

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, I face the loss of my husband this year and my biggest hope is that I can guide my children well through this. All the best for a fine year. A small hope of mine is that I will buy a camera like yours as I really want to photograph flowers like you do!

kayajoy said...

oh ... i hope for a bit of peace in day to day life. this is a big hope! internally, in my family and in the bigger picture. to keep calm, to remember to breathe, to appreciate little moments more. oh yes, and to be more creative on a regular basis. big hopes for a big new year. thanks for sharing your delightful artwork so frequently. it's a joy, indeed!