Monday, July 2, 2012

How to create a collage!

School holidays! it's winter and my challenge over the next couple of weeks will be to keep the kids of the computer, partly because I can't stand to see them waste there days playing mindless games, partly because I have sooo much to do! I have some pretty exciting projects that I will be srarting this week, sadly I have to keep them under wraps for a while.

I don't really know why, perhaps because we have a big blank bit of wall space in our living room, I decided to made this mega big collage yesterday, its over a meter in size, I had so much fun cutting out interesting bits from some of my older interiors mags.

Incase it has inspired you to give it a go, here are a few tips:

Take 1 sheet of neutral paper, I used grey (this way anything you add will instantly ping and wont compete)
Add a large element (I used a bright red piece) this helps to give the little pieces something to hang on to)
Now you can cut out interesting shapes and textures, lay them on the paper, move them around, edit, till the balance is pleasing.
You will notice that I often bunch colours together (reds, oranges and yellows..)
The most imprtant thing is have fun and experiment!,
When you are happy with it, take a shot of it so you can remember where all the pieces belong)
Using spray adhesive (I always go out side to do this!) glue down.
one more secret, I use a compass with knife attachment to make my perfect circles!
good luck!


felicity said...

I know exactly how you feel regarding the children! I start the holidays full of enthusiasm for non computer/games activities.
I have to say it all slips a bit towards the end of the hols!
Wonderful collage too!

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Love it! I have been collecting old bits of wrapping paper etc for making collages in the holidays, I like the idea of doing a really big one for the boys room.

alice apple said...

I love it, and the tip for cutting circles...brilliant! x

Anonymous said...

Compass with a knife attachment?!! Hmmmm, need one!