Saturday, December 10, 2011

New stacking ladies craft kit

ok so this is how it goes, i wake up on friday morning my mind filled with all the things to do,
we have visitors coming in a few days, tidy the house, bake, buy new sheets....
suddenly for some unbeknown reason an image pops into my already busy mind, cubes, ladies, stack able, lots of different possibilities....
but i shouldn't be thinking about that now! i've got practical things to do, 
but wait... if i really go for it, i might just be able to finish them by the end of the day,
and so it goes! creativity always wins in the end!
and here they are! i am so happy with them, i spent ages playing with them today, do the math, 3 blocks, 4 sides, the first one to let me know how many different ladies there are gets a set for FREE!
so let me know!
oh yes, they are available to purchase in my etsy shop!
well done Maria, you are right!
there are a total of 64 lady combinations!
a set is on its way to you!


Tracey said...

good job you left your chores behind they look fab......too early in London to be counting though!

alice apple said...

These are great Ellen. Its so funny, blocks were going to be my next project! (Just in case you thought I stole your idea! :)) They'll probably be nowhere near as lovely as these though xx

maria said...

These are very cool!

Maria said...

Wonderful idea. These are so lovely! I just love your designs so I have to take a crack at it... 220?

Maria said...

Ooops! That is why I studied art not math I guess. I thought about it a little more and I'm changing my guess to 64.

rachel awes said...

how fun to discover youuuu!
LOVE these stacking ladies!!
+ all your art is simply
** happiness ** vitamins!

Claire Caudwell said...

Lovely idea :) Well done!!