Sunday, October 30, 2011

i have returned!
safe and sound, what a wonderful experience!

as you know, i love colour and i soon discovered that the people in asia do too, whether it be their food,clothing or flowers and plants there is an abundance of joyful vibrancy. it overshadows their lack of wealth. another thing that struck me in bali was the incredible caos and the ability for the balinese to juggle it in the calmest way, they simply dont get wound up! i think we could learn a thing or too!
kuala lumpur was my favorite city, i can thoroughly recommend it if you don't want to hang about with fellow tourists, we spent hours simply wandering through the various districts, little china, little india the impressive malls selling all the big names, it has character and is not as slick as singopore.
we where constantly blown away by how reasonably priced everything is, a couple of dollars for the most delicious meal, we preferred to eat local and luckily didn't suffer the consequences! it was an amazing eye opening experience for my boys too,they learned first hand that there is a whole very different world out there, some of it fabulous some of it not so, i think they will look at their little world here in new zealand in perspective too, i am keen to get back into creating so i will be working on some new etsy art amongst other projects so watch this space!
(i am also delaying my next lucky draw till i have the new work up)

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Madhu said...

Hi Ellen :-) I don't know how but I am here reading about my city Kuala Lumpur AND my brothers live in New Zealand! Your work is truly charming!