Wednesday, November 17, 2010

christmas decorations

hi friends!
it's my birthday this week and my sister, jutta's a day before mine (we are 1 day short of a year apart in age)
i had recently bought a vintage cake decorating kit and decided to surprise her with a completely over the top birthday cake covered in icing flowers (she's a keen gardener)
i spent hours and hours attempting to make them, it's not that easy, believe me! finally i popped the trays in the oven for safe keeping till i could add them to the cake. little did i know that my darling husband, paul had decided to start cooking dinner and proceeded to turn the oven on. before i had a chance to grab them out of the oven, they had begun to brown, what a disaster! now they look even more vintage don't you think! i don't think she will mind, it's the thought that counts!

i have also been playing around with star decorations, they are very easy to make;

start with a 6x6 inch square
divide it up into 1 inch concertina strips
fold like a fan
find middle and staple
cut a diagonal at the end to make points
open out and stick together

you can add extra cuts to make a snowflake
to make the 12 pointed stars, i simply folded in 1/2 inch folds


Watkins35 said...

the iced flowers still look awesome to me :)
and such lovely snowflakes. x

hjn said...

LOVE your work! I am posting you up today for my readers to see! Have a wonderful weekend! Your newest fan...Mama Holli!