Saturday, August 14, 2010

here are a few more of the pieces that i told you i have just finished,

thanks again for all your lovely comments, i enjoy waking up to them!
a few have asked me how come my work is so neat. well, if you do it as much as i do practice makes perfect! i use a scalpel blade not scissors as it allows me to make smoother curves. i achieve my huge selection of hues through painting my own paper. i think i have over 20 shades of red! one more secret~ i don't cut the circles free hand, i use a compass with a blade attachment.


The Ink House said...

Maybe if you get tired of creating art, you could become a surgeon with a hand that steady :D Lovely designs once again and I really enjoy your blog!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for letting us in on how you get them so neat! : )

Claire Vincent said...

The blue flowers on white is my favourite, but the bird is pretty darn cute!