Sunday, December 14, 2014

Red berries fabric design

It's true to say I absolutely love creating new work, especially when I find a new and exciting direction that opens up more and more possibilities.
While I will continue passionately down my precise, graphic, linear, folk, paper cut style, a breath of fresh spring air has wafted over me, I have always loved romantic floral prints and the more I play around the more I want to create these into something, To start with I think silk scarves will be perfect then later who knows what 2015 will's so exciting!


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's great to see you get an idea and roll with it. You are really onto something special with these beautiful designs.

Judith Shaw said...

I can certainly all those fresh dynamics spreading right across your canvas. It seems like you've had a rollicking time doing it, laying all the snappy line work out. What even made it better is that those are all posted for easy view and purchase. Those should work out great in the long run. Thanks for sharing! More power to you!

Judith Shaw @ Rocket Boost Media

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