Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sugar Flowers

In one week my darling sister will be starting a new and wonderful chapter in her life.
Tragedy struck at the end of last year. her lovely husband and father to her 2 teenage sons died so very suddenly from a brain hemorrhage. She was so very devistated and searched for a way forward without her best friend.
As a way of healing, she immersed herself in her passion~ Flowers. Since then she has bought a cottage with the dream to turn the garage into a flowers shop. Jutta is an amazing florist. She is completely self taught and what makes her so unique is that she doesn't follow rules. As an artist she creates as she paints by layering colours and textures.
I am having so much fun contributing to her venture in my own small way, with cards and bags and cupcakes!
We decided that any nibbles for her grand opening (which is next Monday, Labour weekend, from 11-3pm, 105 Muritai Road in Eastbourne, come along your very welcome!) should have a floral theme, so I have decided to try my hand at making molded sugar flowers.
What fun! after a bit of trial and error here they are, I will post again later this week to show you the finished cupcakes!

I have a few tips if you want to give these a go:
Mix your own colours as much as possible, using a white fondant base and gel colours, available at your local cake decorating store), the premixed icing colours are not so nice.
Mix little amounts of different hues in each colour and combine in each flower/leaf to create more depth.
(I discovered this as I went along as you can see!)

Don't use too much cornflower to dust your mold (you can buy the silicon molds online and retail, there are lots of lovely shapes!)
Don't bother scraping the access of with a knife, you will get a feeling quickly as to how much to squish into the mold, you don't have to make them perfect! just have fun like I have!


Woolpecula said...

That´s lovely! Your small flowers can give good mood to many people.
The shapes remind me of the traditional Bonbonmacherein in Berlin, Oranienburger strasse 32 - www. bonbonmacherei . de

I was there several times.
Good luck to your sister!!

Cyrille said...

How beautiful! I love the shape, colors and texture too! I have to make some, but I could not eat them, just admire them :-)

StevenHWicker said...

Great tips, many thanks for sharing. I have printed and will stick on the wall! I like this blog. Funeral flowers delivery Makati