Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bag range

Several years ago I embarked on a project that involved a range of bags. I designed large carry bags right through to little purses.
Ever since then people still ask me about them. The reason why I decided to abandon the range was because having it produced here in New Zealand was sadly just too expensive. I really wanted it to work and I didn't have the desire to go of shore to produce them at the early stages.
I have been sewing for a while now and have the confidence to give them another go!
I will be designing a collection of about 12 bag prints, I would love your feed back!
At the end of it I will choose someone to give a bag to, these prints are not to scale, in the next few days I'll show you the actual style of the bag so you get a better idea, it will be a bit of a journey, wish me luck! 

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