Monday, May 26, 2014

Printable, paper, pendant light shade

Some times all it takes is a lovely email from someone like Helene Larsen, to swing me into action.
You may have seen, quite some time ago I came up with the idea of a paper pendant shade. It had been relegated to my archive, then when Helene asked me about it, I thought to myself it would be lovely to fine tune it as a very easy to construct printable!
Well here it is, it really is a doddle to make, just 4 sides and an insert in the top. With the new energy efficient bulbs, it won't get hot and In have to say it looks quite stunning!
It is available here!


Rachaeldaisy said...

What a stylish light shade. I I bet it would look wonderful on a lamp base style too.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rachael! I have been thinking about it!

Bryan Hubbard said...

Thanks for sharing those printables, Ellen! Your designs are just perfect for those who are planning a geometrical design for a certain room. Not to mention that it seems to give the room a modern feel as well. Cheers!

Bryan Hubbard @ Douthit Electrical