Sunday, November 24, 2013

Printable paper Christmas decorations.

Time is ticking along and it's time to decorate!
As you probably know, my house is 1950's inside and out, with this in mind I have decided that a more retro twist would suit. I have designed these baubles with a contemporary feel, they look most effective simply hung on a bare branch.
You can make these too! by simply going to my shop 
You can upload the files when you order now, so it's even quicker, they come in 2 sets of 3, one set is brighter the other softer, they look great together too.
have fun making!


sister outlaws said...

Love these - your paper kits are great too - perfect gift ideas...think I'd better head over to the shop!

alice apple said...

These are so clever Ellen! x

Unknown said...

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