Wednesday, November 6, 2013

original art for sale

Hi !
I have been having so much fun during the last week or so working on a collection of 20X20cm, 8x8inch blocks.
I have wrapped them in a lovely slightly textured, heavy, water colour paper.
I really like it because the texture of the papers and layers are clearly visible and there is no need for a frame.

These are not finished yet, as you can see some still need more elements, that's the fun! not really knowing when they will be complete, it's quite surprising how suddenly one more piece is too much, time to stop!
I like to work on several at once, it keeps them fresh, I don't spent too much time over thinking one.

If I where to offer pieces of art this size for sale on line to you, would you be interested?
They would cost: NZD $200, AUD $180, USD $170, 110 Pounds, 125 Euro, + shipping each.

your thoughts would be appreciated!

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Pocketful of Patterns said...

These are beautiful; love them all!