Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY stuffed lady dolls

3 little ladies, 3 blocks of cheese!
sometimes when I go very quiet, it's because I am working on projects that I have to keep hush, hush, like this week for instance, I have been comissioned to complete a total of 9 pieces of art! it's been pretty full on, hence my lack of posts. These cheese packets are an example of one of my hush, hush projects, they are 3 in a complete range for "Pams" (all you Kiwis will be familiar with this!)
A large company which sells in our lockal Supermarkets. My contribution are the illustrations.
The little ladies too are well on their way and I will have the panels for sale in my etsy shop early next week,
have a lovely weekend!x


Randiga TrĂ¥den said...

Underbara damer.

alice apple said...

Lovely dolls, lovely packaging! x

Carmen said...


Unknown said...

Oooh I wish I lived in New Zealand, just so I could buy that cheese! It's so cute!