Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's a boy! Elephants paper cut illustration


I haven't even finished my previous paper cut and I'm already half way through the next one!
after having not touched a scalpel for several weeks it's been such fun! I have 8 to complete in all,
2 down 6 to go!
I purchased a fab book the other day on Etsy. It is a 1956 "Better Homes and Gardens"
Decorating Book.
I though you might like to see some of the interiors it features, don't you think it's amazing to think these are over 60 years old! look at the riot of colour in the bottom one!
Oh yes, the flower is a Cosmos, I have a bit of a thing for flower middles! they are so often ignored!

It's lovely to here form you Rachel and Jane! thanks for your kind comments, they are always so appreciated!


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

What fabulous interiors - as you say the mix of colours in that last photo seems very modern! Love the flower - on our summer holiday last year I got totally carried away taking close up photos of flowers - the centres are my favourite bit too. Glad to hear you're enjoying your work - it shows in the cheerful images you create - your blog is always a joy to visit! Rachel x

AvMeg said...

Hi! I just found your beautiful blog. I just love all of your pictures - wonderful :)

Zickimicki said...

schön, dass ich deinen blog gefunden habe! und schön, dass ich dir deutsch schreiben kann;) mir gefällts bei dir sehr gut und ich werde dich weiter hier besuchen...
herzlichst birgit