Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty things and a big thank you!

It's so lovely to see camellias are coming into flower, this photo looks like candles on a birthday cake don't you think! does this mean sunny days ahead? I hope so.

Don't forget to enter my competition a couple of posts back!
I'll be deciding a winner on Monday!

To every one of my lovely followers and comment makers,
I sometimes feel a wee bit cut off from the wider world, living right down here in beautiful little New Zealand, every lovely comment you make brings me so much joy and warms my happy heart, thank you so much xx


alice apple said...

How could we not admire your joyful blog? Carry on with inspiring us all! x

Anonymous said...

It brings so much joy and even my creativity is miles (many)
away from yours... it is inspiring to read your blog,
see the pictures, art work and thoughts... and sometimes
it encourages me to try out something.
i love the colours.
with greetings from rainy
southern bavaria,