Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Angels paper craft decoration COMPETITION

Here is my latest addition to my ever growing paper craft range,
I've always wanted to create a set of pretty, colourful, gorgeous angels and after some playing around I have finished my simplest set to make yet.
Gosh I love making these! it's so exciting making them up for the very first time, will they look good? will they fit together?
there is always a big sigh of relief when they do!

To celebrate, I'd like to give away a set of 2 angels!
All you have to do is tell me why you would like them!


Anonymous said...

They are lovely. If I won I would send them to a girlfriend who is about to go into hospital. They could look over her for me!!!

Rebecca (

Anonymous said...

Simple. I love them! : )

felicity said...

I would LOVE to win them because they are simply gorgeous! They would go with my collection of your cards...and they would certainly not just be for Christmas, they would be out all year long!

Tracey said...

They look gorgeous and would sit amongst my other collections in my studio. perfect angels!

Kirsten Anderson said...

Hi Ellen. I have two little angels who would just love them. Mia is 6 and would just love to add an angel to her butterfly and Scarlett will be 1 on August 8th and just love to start her Ellen collection. It would be awesome.
Cheers, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hello Ellen Giggenbach,
i love them because they look soooo pretty and calm -
and I have never
seen angels in flowerdresses.
Herzliche Grüße aus dem Allgäu...

Bungalowgirl said...

Ellen, these are just beautiful! The print I chose arrived yesterday and is so so lovely, I cannot wait to frame it and hang it up. Thanks for showing me the pink background lion, I still have to show my daughter this and the angel and see which she chooses. Given that I won a print already I feel I can't enter again but would love to nominate these for another blogger. Her name is Annie from and she follows you but I suspect has been too unwell with her breast cancer to enter this. I actually found your blog on her blogroll and I would love her to win these to cheer her up. Thanks, so much again, Melx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen
Your angels are joyous. I bought three little houses from the fine shop in Eastbourne when I was visiting Wellington earlier this year.
When I made the houses up they took on a life of their own. I love how I can turn them around and look at different patterns. The 3D effect is such fun. So, some angels would be wonderful to put on the mantle piece.
Until I came across your blog I never realized that there were others that loved folk art / bold colour / old children's books illustrations and 1960s design in textiles and china. Thanks!

ric-rac said...

I would LOVE them because they are gorgeous : ) x

Herbal said...

I just found your wonderful blog and I am really love all your creations.
They are one of a kind, bright, funny, bring a smile and just beautiful!