Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr Giraffe competition!

as you can see, i've made a few wee improvements to mr giraffe, his body is not quite so long (an improvement my son austin insisted on!) and i've given him a cute little star on his party hat.
a party on your own isn't so much fun so i am inviting mr elephant in the next few days!
as you can see, he's already on his way.
suggestions on other party guests would be greatly appreciated!
name the flowers above and be in the draw to have mr giraffe come to live with you!


monda-loves said...

I've just awarded you a 'sunshine' award over on my blog. No pressure to pass it along though - I just felt like sharing a little bit of the warmth and sunshine we are having today :o)

I don't know what the flowers are sadly, but I do like Mr Giraffe!


Moira Millman said...

how about a lion or a tiger...I'm guessing the flowers are a type of hibiscus??

Anonymous said...

hi ellen these are types of clematis gwen

alice apple said...

Are they called Cosmos? They look like the ones I had in pots last Summer and I loved them! Your giraffe is so cute too xx

Crafted by Carly said...

Unfortunately, I don't know what the flower is - but it's a very beautiful one!
Maybe a cheeky monkey could join in the fun? Or a tiger?