Saturday, January 14, 2012

new fruit and veg store craft kit

yippee i'm back!
and i am so thrilled with the first in a series of little 3d shops i will be creating as craft kits for my etsy shop and for you to make up and collect.
they can be displayed on a shelf or hung up (which i love)
the first in the series is a fruit and veg store. it has a 3d awning and shop sign and 2 little flags blowing in the breeze.
in my world all shops would be this joyful, i'd enjoy shopping alot more!
i will be adding the next one in a few weeks.... hmm... i think it might be a fashion boutique!

the lass walking her doggy is a new etsy print!
don't you love the retro 50's fabric i have used on her dress!


alice apple said...

Oh my, this is so gorgeous Ellen! x

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Wonderful, love!

elena nuez said...

you'rs so talented, really looove your artworks!!!

congrats and greetings from Madrid,