Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hi friends!
i haven't got any art work to show you at the moment (i have to keep it secret!) so here are some spring time images.
the great thing about moving into a new house is that the garden is a constant surprise, i love these pale green blossoms.
during a walk with friends i discovered the most amazing peach tree in days bay. it was dripping with the most juicy, most delicious peaches i think i have ever tasted (a million times nicer than the good looking but bland super market ones!)
the owner gave me a few  and i stored their pits in the fridge over winter, as soon as i took them out, they sprung into action!
now I have little peach trees! hopefully in a 4 or so years i'll have fruit too!
the final image is of art work by my very darling friend annie hayward,
here work is sooo delightful!

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